Leadership Program


Leadership-PatchIn today’s world, leadership skills are crucial tools for success at home, in the community, at school and in the workplace. Our Leadership Program helps to develop leadership skills, gives students the opportunity to take on leadership roles in class, and builds self-confidence among children and adults.

Students in the Leadership Program focus extensively on Life Skills such as knowledge, humility, vision, discipline, passion and empathy. Class discussions help students to understand the meaning of these life skills and how they apply at home, at school and in their communities.

The Leadership Program also offers students advanced training in weapons and self-defense.

Additionally, the Leadership Program includes our ATA Xtreme training, which takes traditional Taekwondo to an extreme level. ATA Xtreme is an elite approach to training that blends martial art with acrobatics and performance style presentation.

Junior Leadership Program (ages 6-12)

Our Junior Leadership Program gives students enhanced responsibility in class and teaches them to be positive role models both at the Taekwondo dojahng and at school. Students explore the behaviors that exemplify good leadership and develop confidence and public speaking skills by giving oral reports on life skills related to leadership. They learn to set an example for others in class, to help mentor junior-ranked students, and to take on a variety of leadership roles at the Taekwondo dojahng. Additionally, they work with weapons such as the double ssahng jeol bong (nunchaku), double bahng mahng ee (escrima sticks), ssahng nat (kama), jahng bong (long staff) and gum do (sword). Finally, they practice advanced self-defense applications using groundfighting techniques, joint manipulation and pressure point control tactics.

Adult Leadership Program (ages 13 and up)

Our Leadership Program for Teens & Adults emphasizes advanced self-defense and weapons skills. We supplement traditional Taekwondo training with instruction in groundfighting, boxing, pressure points, joint manipulation and other practical self-defense approaches. We also train with weapons like the double ssahng jeol bong (nunchaku), double bahng mahng ee (escrima sticks), ssahng nat (kama), jahng bong (long staff) and gum do (sword). Additionally, students in the Adult Leadership Program develop leadership skills that are useful in school and in the workplace, and they have the opportunity to become internationally-certified Taekwondo instructors.

Leadership Program membership includes the following:

  • The traditional Taekwondo curriculum covered in the Basic Program
  • The advanced training included in the Black Belt Club
  • Leadership training classes
  • Exciting ATA Xtreme instruction
  • Weapons training (e.g., double ssahng jeol bong, double bahng mahng ee, jahng bong, gum do, ssahng nat)
  • Advanced self-defense instruction (e.g., ground fighting, joint manipulation, pressure points)
  • Junior Leadership or Instructor Trainee manual containing Life Skills, Leadership Skills and Physical Skills curriculum material
  • Custom heavyweight uniform with the student’s name on the back
  • Red, white and blue leadership collar on the uniform (for juniors), or red collar (for adults)
  • Black Belt Club patch worn on left sleeve of uniform
  • Leadership Program patch worn on right sleeve of uniform
  • Gold striped belts to signify Leadership Program membership
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