ATA Tigers


ATA Tigers is a unique program for children age 7 and under.

Students will learn to control their gross, fine and complex motor skills, safety skills of knowing their full name, phone number, who a stranger is and what to do if they get lost. They also learn practical self defense moves to use, if there is ever the need, and when it is ok/not ok to use their martial arts training.

At the heart of the ATA Tigers program are the nine awesomely-animated characters who in story form, train with the students. Each character has a distinctive personality that can be used to help teach life lessons to Tiger students. Below is the name of each Tiger character with their name meaning and little bit about their personality.

The ATA Tigers program includes a 9 book series by award winning writers and illustrators. Each book is carefully crafted to showcase life skills and teachable moments. The ATA Tiger books are sure to be one of your child’s favorite stories and a great tool to reinforce the skills parents teach at home.


TIGER TOTs classes are for 3 years old and younger. These classes are parent-toddler style classes (though many kids are able to be independent) that teach the toddler about discipline and structure: how to stand respectfully in a line, move on command, actively listen and make a new friend. Tiger Tots work on understanding how their body functions and developing hand-eye coordination.


TIGER classes are for children 4 to 5 years old who are potty trained and ready to be in a class without a parent. These students work on fundamental life skills like Discipline, Confidence, Goal Setting, Self-Control, Respect and Self-Esteem. They train with the core Tiger curriculum which is a building block for proper basic techniques of traditional Taekwondo.


MIGHTY TIGER classes are for children 6-7 years old who have completed kindergarten and are becoming independent thinkers. In this class, students are understanding Self-Discipline and are empowered with the knowledge that they can and will defend themselves if they were attacked or bullied. Students train with a bigger emphasis on proper form and body mechanics because they have more control over their body. This age group wants to take training more seriously, yet still enjoys the creative and positive approach to learning. As these students set higher goals, our Black Belt Training Program allows Mighty Tigers to prepare for their journey to Black Belt. When they are ready, 8 year olds will start transitioning into the Karate for Kids Classes.


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